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Auditors and audit committee


According to the articles of association an auditor shall be appointed each year at the annual general meeting, until the end of the next annual general meeting. The registered audit company Ernst & Young AB was appointed as auditor of Immunicum at the annual general meeting. The certified auditor Anna Svanberg is the principal auditor.

Audit committee

The board of directors has appointed an audit committee, which consist of Dharminder Chahal(chairman of the audit committee), Christine Lind and Sven Andreasson.

The board of directors shall annually establish an instruction regarding the audit committee’s tasks. According to the instructions to the audit committee the audit committee shall, without affecting the responsibility or tasks of the board of directors, supervise the company’s financial reporting, supervise the efficiency in the company’s internal control and risk management with reference to the financial reporting, be updated with reference to the audit of the annual report and other financial reports, examine and supervise the impartiality and the independency of the auditor and in connection therewith particularly note if the auditor provides the company with other services than audit services. The audit committee shall annually meet the auditor to keep informed of the extent and scope of the auditor’s examination, and the auditors observations in the audit. The audit committee shall also evaluate the audit process and assist in the preparation of proposals of auditor to the annual general meeting. In addition to this the audit committee shall, inter alia, together with the company’s auditor, review related party transactions and accounting policies in connection with quarterly and annual reports. The audit committee shall hold at least three meetings per year and the chairman of the audit committee shall at least twice per year submit a written report regarding the matters attended to during the audit committee’s last meeting.